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Meet the Artists
Toree Warfield, founder, designer and producer, began creating Lake Tahoe Scenic Calendars in October of 2011. She was looking at pictures on her friend's phone and suddenly exclaimed, "We should do a calendar!" Just like that. 

She wanted it to be more than just a calendar, almost like a travel planner so she filled it with information about birds, trees, flowers, trail heads, special events, fun facts about Tahoe and more.

She was able to use several pictures from friends but more were needed. She trolled the web for stunning and unusual pictures of Lake Tahoe and approached the photographers to see if they wanted to be in the calendar. "I can't pay you", she said. "You'll need to look upon this as a piece promoting your work."

Some laughed, some were offended, but there were a couple who decided to jump in.

Keith Price, photographer and photographic tour guide, has been capturing the pristine beauty of Lake Tahoe for many years. Finding his muse in nature, Keith captures the unbridled beauty of his own backyard.

A true outdoorsman, Price’s love also encompasses the wildlife that inhabits his landscapes. His love and fascination with animals has driven his photographic expeditions to remote locations all over the world.

To contact Keith and to see more of his work, please visit his websites:


Franny Bryan has lived in the Tahoe area for 30+ years. She’s an avid outdoorsperson, hiking and camping at every opportunity. She has a tremendous love of the Lake Tahoe area, all the vistas it provides and the wild creatures who also call this place home.

Scott Sady, Lake Tahoe area-based freelance photographer, began his career as a photojournalist 
covering conflict zones in Mexico and Central America for the Associated Press in the 1990s. He headed up the Alpine photography for USAToday at both the Salt Lake City, Utah and Torino, Italy winter Olympics. He helped manage the photo department at the Reno Gazette-Journal before leaving to pursue freelance interests in 1997.

Scott is a professional skier and kayaker and is fluent in Spanish and German. Scott is available for assignment. 

Contact Scott via his website: 
tahoelight.com and to view more of his work.

Chris Talbot, Tahoe-based photographer, has been aiming his lenses at beautiful travel-resort-landscape-wedding subject matter for 22 years. He has traveled around the world and has become a leading photographer in the travel, resort and golf industries.
Contact Chris and view more of his work at:

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Keith Price, his wife, Robin and friend.
Franny Bryan's Pine Grosbeak.
Scott Sady, "Bear in Taylor Creek"
Chris Talbot
Chris Talbot
Keith Price.