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Western Tanager
Spotted Towhee
Red-breasted Nuthatch
All About Tahoe
Those of us at acutabovecalendars.com love Lake Tahoe, all it has to offer and the creatures who call the area home. 

The website is designed to be an enhancement to the calendar and contains information that there just isn't room for in the calendar itself. 

New information, photos and links are added continually, so keep checking back for more learning opportunities!

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Look for this beautiful sparrow mainly on the ground, scratching in the brush. In the spring, he'll sit on top of a bush to sing.
These tiny, energetic birds travel in flocks, and make a constant yank-yank sound. They spend their time harvesting bugs from tree bark.
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Blue Sailor
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Find this bird in the Lake Tahoe area in the summertime. He hangs out mostly in the canopies of tall trees, foraging for insects.